embark on a beautiful adventure

why me?

Picking a photographer isn't easy - I mean, you're going to have these memories to look back on for a lifetime.

I focus on genuine in-between moments; you know.. adjusting ties, pushing hair out of faces, stolen glances - that's my bread and butter. However, I'll still get those slightly posed photos you want to send to your mom for Christmas.

My style tends to be dark, moody and rich - not everyones cup of tea but makes the hopeless romantic in me swoon.

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North Carolina or Anywhere Beyond

I'm a born and raised Mountain girl and mainly work in North Carolina BUT I'm always willing to travel wherever you are!

Mountains | Oceans | The In-between

Motto I live by

Surround yourself with good people and you will only have good to come

a little about me

Welcome friend, my name is Carlee

I'm a hopeless romantic at heart, hence why I love capturing the moments you say "I do" - don't let the cheesiness fool you I'm a goofball & that stays true throughout your day. I love to bring laughter and fun into your session & capture those genuine moments of deep belly laughs, love, and lust.

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